How does the Propeller Work?

May 10,2022

Inspired by the mechanism of ships sailing in the water by the rotation of propellers, can aircraft also rely on propellers to move forward in the air? In principle, the role of the propeller should be the same in air or water. However, the density of air is only 1 / 8000 of that of water. Therefore, to generate sufficient thrust, the propeller used in the air must be made with large length, large area, and high speed. This is another problem.


What Material Is the Propeller Made of?

April 20,2022

Humans invented the propeller almost shortly after inventing the modern machine-propulsion "steamboat". Today's ships, except for a few that use water jet propulsion and pump propulsion, most of them still use traditional propeller propulsion. If you notice, 99% of these propellers are made of copper material from the outside. Everyone knows that the hardness and toughness of copper is far inferior to that of steel, so why are copper alloys still used to make propellers in today's ships?


Something you should Know about Propeller

April 07,2022

In this paper, the theoretical design and optimal design of propeller wake are combined to form a relatively complete propeller design system.


How To Change The Propeller?

March 23,2022

You may change your propeller for different reasons. Therefore, this paper gives you some tips on how to change it.


Geometric Parameters of Propeller

March 10,2022

Today, let's popularize the geometric parameters of the propeller.


Must-See The Propeller Model Meanings (Beginners Recommended)

February 22,2022

You can know the propeller model meanings and master difference between the positive and negative propellers here.


Ship upkeep from being caught by aquatic life

December 11,2020

Any type of watercraft that stays in the water for a very long time will face ocean growth. Ocean growth as well as build-up will not just enhance the resistance.


How to Achieve Boat's Best Prop for Yamaha

November 23,2020

A key factor in maximizing torque is to select the appropriate propeller. In this consideration, I recommend that you give priority to the best prop for Yamaha